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Veneered millwork products like no other for the consumer looking for quality and value. Rainier Plank currently makes veneered items in Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar. The Cedar line is very new and in a limited release condition at this time. We also offer other species of wood but only after detailed consultation with our customers. Rainier Plank manufactures veneered products in two thicknesses, 1/16 and 1/42. The 1/16 is used for flat profiles and the 1/42 is used for wrapped or angled profiles. The glue used to adhere the veneer is a waterproof exterior grade resin used primarily in the glu-lam beam industry. This is a clear glue line for appearance applications.

The big advantage of the Rainier Plank line lies in the price vs. quality. Typically our products are about the price of solid wood while providing a much higher grade. The process of veneering for superior grade appearances has been widely accepted for years in the cabinet, window and door, and plywood markets. This is usually not noticed by the end user. Applying this process to millwork for trim and paneling projects allows us to be greener by extending our natural resources of high grade timber.


The warm rich tones of fine grain Douglas Fir offer exceptional beauty and warmth. The deep orange and red hues provide a feel that transcends classic craftsman to ultra modern designs. Douglas Fir is widely regarded for its strength as well as beauty.


The contrasting shades of dark brown to bright tan provide an exceptional appearance desired by cultures thought the world. Architects and designers incorporate the many different colors of Western Red Cedar in variety of concepts used both inside as well as outside. The resistance of cedar against decay and insects enables this duality of use.